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    Sydney Adventist churches exist to serve. From trust services, food and visitation to Bible studies and prayer, we have a number of services and resources for you.


    “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24

    Of course we can always pray by ourselves, but corporate prayer offers benefits beyond what we can experience alone. The Sydney Adventist church offers prayer ministries including inspirational resources, prayer retreats, weeks of prayer, and other prayer-focused events. Prayer ministry team members are prayer warriors who intercede with Christ on behalf of family, friends, church members, our country, and our world.

    Keen on learning more about our prayer ministries? Contact us or visit our prayer page:

    Bible Study

    Studying the Bible—going straight to the source—is the best way to get to know God. And we’ve got Bible studies. Group, one-on-one, self-guided, online, and in-person. There are so many options tailored to your needs.

    Contact us or an Adventist church near you, or visit our Bible studies page ( for more details and to sign up.


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    Local Food Pantries

    Times are tough, and sometimes families and individuals need a little boost. Our local pantries provide groceries and food hampers to those in our community that need some help. Taking food insecurity off the list of things to worry about is a simple way to help people get back on their feet. Find a location near you.

    ADRA Community Centre

    ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) is a worldwide organisation that helps people in poverty and distress. Here in Australia, ADRA works with local residents providing counselling services, food, crisis relief, emergency housing and rental assistance, addiction support, mental health services, social isolation support, and other assistance and programs to strengthen individuals, families, and communities.

    Find out more about ADRA and community centre programs near you:

    Prison Visitation

    Our State Prison Chaplain provides support and nurture for Adventist inmates. Chaplains and prison ministry volunteers* also host Bible studies and visit incarcerated people in the Greater Sydney area. Our spiritual mentors offer support to inmates, spend time listening and talking with them and treat them like God wants us to treat His children. We know that connecting incarcerated people to a Christian community and encouraging them to pursue and live Christian values can impact them in this life and beyond.

    *Due to the pandemic, volunteers are not permitted to visit the prison at this time. Any request will be made to our Sydney Chaplain, Pr Wellington Caqui. For more information contact Wellington on 0430 918 287 or at [email protected].

    Home Visitation

    Lonely? Know of a family member, neighbor or friend who could use a visit from a church member? Our home visitation services bring the church to shut-in, elderly, sick or struggling people. Whether it’s an in-home Bible study, prayer session, or just a friendly chat, there’s power and comfort in a personal visit.

    Health & Wellbeing

    Health and wellbeing are at the core of Adventist beliefs, and we love to share our knowledge of better lifestyles with our Sydney community. Resources like webinars and seminars, our Wellness Snapshot health-screening tools, Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP), depression and anxiety seminars, support groups for grief and divorce, and our single parent seminar cater to the bodies and minds of people searching for more joyful, complete lives.

    See resources at the bottom of


    One of the Adventist church’s most prominent contributions to the world is our education system. There are more than 5,800 Adventist schools worldwide teaching more than 1 million students in grades K-university. In Australia alone, 12,000 students attend 58 Adventist schools. That’s a wide reach for Jesus. Our schools believe in holistic education—strengthening the minds, bodies, and spirits of our students in a nurturing and caring environment where they can question, learn, and become all God has planned for them.

    Retirement & Aged Care Residences

    Our seniors are deserving of special care and consideration. Adventist Aged Care provides compassionate and competent care for elders in modern, Christ-centred facilities throughout Australia. From independent living centres to nursing care, our retirement and aged care services allow our oldest citizens live better during their golden years.

    Book Shop & Health Food Store

    Do you know the ABCs? Our Adventist Book Centres (ABC) are Christian bookstores and health food stores that serve our church families and wider communities.

    • Bibles & Christian books
    • Christian music and games
    • DVDs and videos
    • Bible Study / Sabbath School resources
    • Gifts and greeting cards
    • Health and vegetarian foods
    • Plant-based meat alternatives

    We have physical locations in Wahroonga and Epping, or online at

    Trust Services – Book

    The Greater Sydney Conference provides a complimentary trust service to church members, their families, and friends in the preparation of wills. This is a free service under the direction of a practicing solicitor. Our Director of Trust Services can assist you in planning and disposition of assets and the preparation of a valid will. Click here for more information and to book an appointment.

    If your Will is currently with GSC and you have a non-urgent query, please contact Nerise Fehlberg – Trust Services Departmental Assistant: [email protected] or 8876 5259.

    VIDEO: Wills 101 – Everything you need to know

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    Accessibility, Support


    Carer Gateway | Carer Support Resources

    Free emotional, practical and financial support for carers. If you care for a family member or friend with disability, a medical condition, mental illness, or who is frail due to age, then Carer Gateway can help you.

    ADRA / Humanitarian, Services


    ADRA Community Services & Programs

    From counselling to food pantries and emergency relief, these services are available to assist families and individuals who are experiencing hardship

    Grants / Scholarships, Support


    Church Fund for Needy Persons

    The Fund for Needy Persons (FFNP) emergency fund is to restore independence by helping people back on their feet again from crisis.

    The Fund for Needy Persons (FFNP) is to restore independence by helping people back on their feet again. Funds are used to help resolve crisis caused by accommodation problems, abuse, unemployment, illness or death.

    Community, Support, Women


    Join a Mums Group

    Join a community of mums where you’ll have opportunities to connect with local women going through the same motherhood journey.

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