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    Humanitarian (ADRA)

    We do a lot of humanitarian work through the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA). It is the official humanitarian agency of the Adventist Church. The agency is operated by the church for the purpose of providing individual and community development and disaster relief.

    We see the needs and opportunities present in today’s world and believe that the church – with its strong networks, ability to mobilise volunteers and other resources, its commitment to justice, and drive to love and care for people who are suffering – is in a prime position to bring about positive social change.

    The work we do through ADRA is made possible by people like you.

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    ADRA International

    The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is the official humanitarian agency of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. ADRA Australia works as part of the global ADRA network to serve humanity so all may live as God intended – free from poverty and disadvantage. Through the ADRA network, our reach extends into more than 100 countries. We work with communities in Australia and overseas to help them to lift themselves out of poverty, creating a brighter future.

    Overseas, ADRA works with communities in the Pacific, Asia and Africa to bring transformative change. Our work is focused in the areas of health, livelihoods and disasters.

    • Health: With good health, people can live life to the fullest. That’s why we work with communities to provide access to clean water, improve sanitation and hygiene, reduce malnutrition and prevent diseases.
    • Livelihoods: With opportunities to earn a living, people can provide for their families and send their children to school. That’s why we work with families to start and grow small businesses that benefit themselves, the community and the environment.
    • Disasters: When people are supported before, during and after a disaster, they are more like to survive and recover. That’s why we work with communities to protect lives, provide emergency shelters kits and food supplies, and rebuild livelihoods.

    ADRA Australia

    In Australia, ADRA partners with local churches to run initiatives such as food pantries, community gardens and emergency relief to help those in the community who would otherwise fall through the cracks. When accessing these services, those receiving assistance also find comfort in the companionship of ADRA and church volunteers, creating a stronger sense of belonging within their community.

    Community Services in Sydney

    Our mission is to work with those most in need – whether they are those who are suffering through poverty or those who have been affected by disaster, or both. We also support Australian’s facing crisis through a range of services including women’s refuges, community meals and refugee support programs.

    Here’s where you can find assistance here in Sydney:

    • ADRA Blacktown provides counseling services, general support, emergency food, accommodation & rehab referral, behavior rehabilitation and more.
    • ADRA Macquarie Fields (Mallee Rose Cottage) provides mental health support, art activities, homework support, emergency food, finance literacy and more.
    • The Redfern Adventist Community Centre, which includes a free-of-charge donation-based community cafe, provide hot meals, food hampers, up-skilling workshops and counseling.
    • Our Local Churches provide community-focused services, such as food pantries, Australian integration support, English-language tutoring and more.

    How you can help

    You can help by volunteering at one of our centres of support, by dropping off non-perishable foods at one of our food pantries, by referring us to someone you know in need, or by donating to ADRA Australia at All donations to ADRA Australia of $2 or more are tax-deductible.


    Lazio Crescentini.

    Humanitarian (ADRA)
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    ADRA Community Services & Programs

    From counselling to food pantries and emergency relief, these services are available to assist families and individuals who are experiencing hardship

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    Church Fund for Needy Persons

    The Fund for Needy Persons (FFNP) emergency fund is to restore independence by helping people back on their feet again from crisis.

    The Fund for Needy Persons (FFNP) is to restore independence by helping people back on their feet again. Funds are used to help resolve crisis caused by accommodation problems, abuse, unemployment, illness or death.

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    Donate Food

    Donations are always welcomed at our ADRA food centres in Sydney. Here's a list of helpful items.

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    Fundraise for ADRA – ADRA Fundraising Ideas

    When you fundraise in support of ADRA Australia, you help address urgent needs in Australia and overseas.

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