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    Bible Studies (Sabbath School)

    Getting to know God is part of the reason we’re here. If you’re searching, we can help.

    The Bible has the answers we all need. We just have to know where to look. That’s where one-on-one and small-group Bible studies come in. From topics that matter in our daily lives to baptismal preparation classes, we’ve got personalised Bible studies that can change your perspective and your life.


    Sabbath School for Life Bible Studies in Sydney

    Sabbath School for Life – Bible Studies


    From Sabbath worship services to Life Groups and personal Bible studies, there are a number of ways for you to find out what scripture is saying and discover Jesus for yourself.

    • Self-guided Bible studies
    • Online Bible studies
    • One-one-one Bible study
    • Group Lessons (gender, age & demographic)
    • Beginner to advanced Bible study
    • Casual to intensive Bible study
    • Studies by topic, themes and books in the Bible
    • Bible stories & lessons for children
    • Accessible Bible studies
    • Bible podcasts
    • Bible videos (animated & non-animated)

    Kick off your journey here.

    Alternatively, you can contact us or an Adventist church near you to get started on one-on-one Bible studies in Sydney or your area.


    Online Bible Studies Sydney Australia homepage

    Online Bible Study Centre – Australia & New Zealand

    Bible Studies (Sabbath School)
    Henry’s Story
    I’m a Dainggatti man, originally from Bellbrook, New South Wales. I never thought I’d...
    Wenda’s story
    My name is Wenda Dutczak and I was baptised on the 26th of February 2017. People often say...


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    Bible Studies in Sydney

    Find self-guided, one-on-one, group led Bible studies and upcoming Bible study training events right here in Sydney

    The Bible


    How to Give Bible Studies

    Information and help on how to give a Bible study.

    The Bible


    Bible Study Material

    Find a range of Bible study and Sabbath School resource materials (guides, lessons, videos and more) here.

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    Sabbath School / Bible Study

    The Sabbath School Department provides full biblical education for all ages, including bible study guides plus material & activities for the week.

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