7 August 2021


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14 August 2021

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    Prayers for Noah – UPDATED

    3 May 2021

    Noah Pereira’s Mountain Fundraiser

    A plea from one of our pastors (Pr Marcus) and his wife, Vanessa.

    For the last 2 years we have been on a rollercoaster with Noah’s epilepsy. The last 6 months have been exceptionally hard.

    In November last year Noah was safe to run free. In December he started having drop seizures and tonic seizures and he could barely stand or walk in a straight line. In January/February, the possibility of surgery later in the year was tabled if Noah’s seizures didn’t settle down. March brought more drop seizures, tonic seizures and a significant reduction in quality of life.

    A month ago we met with the head of neurosurgery to discuss options, or lack there of. This brings us to May… On Tuesday (May 4) Noah will have brain surgery to remove his left frontal lobe. The aim of the surgery is to reduce the severity of his seizures but there is a 50/50 chance it could cure him.

    I find it hard to put my emotions into words. It is overwhelming and exhausting navigating a severe and complex medical diagnosis. Epilepsy robs a family of so many things and whilst we have done our very best to live the most “normal” life we possibly can, there is still plenty of grief wrapped up that sometimes rears its ugly head.

    As parents we have prayed every day for Noah and remain faithful that God has a plan for his life. We thank God for the strength and peace he gives us every day. We are praying that this surgery gives Noah a chance of freedom to enjoy life.

    Please keep the Pereira family (Marcus, Vanessa and little Noah) in your prayers.

    UPDATE (05 May, 2021):

    The surgery went well. Noah is now in recovery.

    “Thank you Jesus and the incredible team of doctors who have cared for Noah.” Marcus & Vanessa Pereira.


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