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    Adults, Young Adults

    Catalyst – centre4discipleship

    19 February 2024 - 12 May 2024
    Avondale University

    A 14-week experience for young adults and professional to find your purpose in Jesus.

    This is your chance to step back from everything in your life and focus on one thing, learning to follow Jesus.

    Ideal for young adults, elders, volunteer pastors looking for their kingdom purpose and to become equipped disciple makers and movement builders.

    • Learn to discern God’s voice in your life!
    • Gain the tools you need to understand scripture.
    • Begin a new phase in your discipleship journey.
    • Experience authentic community
    • Appreciate God’s leading in Christian history and the emergence of the Seventh-day Adventist movement!

    Catalyst is three months that will change the trajectory of your life forever.


    This event is not organised by the Greater Sydney Conference. For more information, please contact the information provided.



    AUD $3,680 (includes tuition, food, accommodation, wilderness week)

    • Residential: FREE ($600 refundable room bond)
    • Meal costs: $1,320 – this is required if students have decided to use the FREE accommodation offer.  This meal plan provides 1 meal per day at 7@Avondale.
    • Breakfast is available free of charge at the Catalyst Hub
    • Living costs: students will need to budget for additional meals, personal items, laundry, healthcare & medications.
    • Balance can be paid weekly, fortnightly, or monthly directly to Avondale University Student Finance

    Local employment available at Adventist Senior Living for Australian & New Zealand citizens. Shifts are student life friendly.  Hourly rate at Adventist Senior Living is AUD $26 per hour. Employment is only 500 metres from Catalyst classroom.

    Questions regarding fees and employment can be sent to [email protected].


    19 February 2024 - 12 May 2024


    Avondale University




    [email protected]
    +61 2 9847 3333

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