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    Accessible Church

    More than a billion people live with a disability — blindness, deafness, mental or physical impairment — worldwide. In Australia, 1 in 6 Australians, about 4.4 million people, are estimated to have a disability [1].

    Accessible church is about promoting awareness of and providing services for special needs within the church. It is about the inclusion of all in our church activities and worship.

    We are continually striving to improve our accessibility. To find out if the church you wish to visit is accessible, click “Find out more” under “Locations“, or contact the church directly. If you have suggestions on how we as a conference or our local churches can improve in any of the areas mentioned on this page, please get in touch.


    Audio Accessibility

    Few of our churches are equipped to provide for hearing needs. If you require auditory services, please visit one of the following churches: Galston, Kellyville, Kings Langley, Lord Howe Island, Mt Colah, New Hope, Norfolk Island, Pittwater, Thornleigh, Wahroonga, or Windsor. Additional information is available out our Locations page.

    Wheelchair Accessibility

    A majority of our entities are fully wheelchair accessible. However, some of our churches in older buildings can pose some problems. They may either be partially accessible (in which case members step in to accommodate or assist) or inaccessible.

    To find out how accessible the church you’d like to visit is, click here, then find out more for each entity. Where no information is provided, please contact the church directly.

    Website Accessibility

    This site utilizes accessiBe, a fully automated web accessibility solution powered by AI. Through accessiBe, our website is optimised for keyboard navigation, optimised for screen-readers (AWS, NVDA, VoiceOver, Chromevox and other screen-readers), interface adjustable for a variety of specific visual needs, and equipped with an online dictionary for cognitive disorders compliance.

    Local churches are responsible for their websites. While we encourage website accessibility, it cannot be guaranteed.

    Bible Studies & Christian Books for the Blind

    Christian Services for the Blind and Hearing Impaired provides a number of materials for you to learn more about Jesus, offering:

    • Bibles: Bible and New Testament* in audio, braille, and large-print formats in several versions
    • Bible Studies and Bible Correspondence Courses. Someone studies with you. The courses are offered in braille and large print.
    • Daily Bible Study Guides for adults and children
    • Christian books: Audio, braille, and large print
    • Braille Hymnal packed with 695 uplifting Christian songs and hymn

    Christian Services for the Blind & Hearing Impaired (CSFBHI)

    The mission of CSFBHI is threefold: to create awareness of those with special needs, to promote a meaningful acceptance of those with special needs and to prompt to action—to give practical help for those with any form of special need. It’s about the inclusion of all in church activities and worship; for all are gifted, all are needed, all are treasured.

    If you are keen on improving accessibility at your church or supporting this ministry, contact CSFBHI. CSFBHI is a registered charity with tax-deductible status.

    Sensory Rooms

    With bright fluorescent lights, loud announcements and groups of people mixing and mingling, church can be a bit of a sensory overload. Unfortunately, not many of our churches are equipped with a sensory space. If you or someone in your party experiences anxiety or sensory overload, please contact the church you’ll be attending to discuss a space option that could work.

    MEMBERS: If your church does not have a sensory room but would like to have one, click here or see the resources below for guides on how to create a Sensory Space.



    Learn more about International Day of People with Disabilities (03 December 2021) at

    Accessible Church


    Accessibility, Do something, Inclusivity


    Create a Sensory Space

    Tips for creating a church sensory space for those who experience sensory overload.

    Accessibility, Do something


    Make your church welcoming for the hearing impaired

    How to make your church welcoming to people who are ‘hard-of-hearing’ and deaf. Practical steps.



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    Publications on Christianity, world topics, holistic health, humanitarian work and Adventist news around the South Pacific region now available in audio.



    Bible Studies & Christian Books for the Blind

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