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    ZOOM for Churches

    Zoom for churches: How to get it for your local church and resources to use it.


    How to get a ZOOM account

    The Greater Sydney Conference provide ZOOM licenses (Small/Med business plan) for Seventh-day Adventist churches/church companies, and church groups in our conference.

    To have an account set up for you, you must follow these steps.

    1. Send an email with the subject, “ZOOM Request” to your church pastor requesting a church ZOOM account and asking them to authorise the request.
    2. Forward the authorised request to [email protected].

    Once received, we will work with IT to create an email account for your local church (a requirement for use of a Conference-provided license) and set up the account. Someone will get back to you when this process is complete.


    How much will a ZOOM account cost us?

    A Zoom license is $15.9o. per month. Having an account via Service Desk means that the account will not be tied to a single individual, who could leave. The account will always be accessible to the church.


    Do we need an email?

    YES! For a number of reasons. For more information on these addresses (cost, purpose and management) visit

    How to use ZOOM for church/ministry


    We recommend offering live streaming for people to view your church services from home. This is a great option for reaching your church community and continuing to share the Good News of God’s gifts of hope and peace.

    Additional resources that provide helpful information about ways you can live stream your service:

    If you have any questions, please reach out to Adventist Church Connect at


    Other Resources

    Link: Communications Resource Library

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    ZOOM for Churches

    Zoom for churches: How to get it for your local church and resources to use it.

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