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    GSC Communications & Advertising

    Everything you need to know about GSC newsletters, magazine and notice board.



    What newsletters are being distributed within the Greater Sydney Conference? 

    We have three newsletters:

    1. The conference newsletter (bi-weekly/monthly),
    2. Sydney Adventist Women – SAW (first week of the month),
    3. Sydney Adventist Youth  – SAY (once a month; no set date).

    Each distribution list is different. Archives are available here.


    How are they published online only or in hard copy print as well? 

    Newsletters are online, IntraSyd magazine mostly printed and delivered to local churches.


    Who is the contact person for each one?


    What are the deadline dates for submissions?

    IntraSyd dates are online at

    Items received for the newsletter will be posted in an upcoming issue according to time and available space.


    What size advertising spaces are available and how much are they? 

    Advertising info for our IntraSyd magazine and website can be found in our Media Kit. The Media Kit is accessible via the website footer.


    Where can I post an announcement?

    Announcements can be posted on our online notice board at free of charge. They are subject to approval. We ask for content submitted to include a weblink where people can go for additional information.


    How can I get my news published on your website? 

    Simply send us your article or press release and any accompanying graphics and we’ll publish is in our news section. Subject to approval. No charge.



    We printed some promotional materials for our upcoming event. Can they be distributed to the churches inbox?

    Yes! Simply deliver the copies to the Conference office and one of our team members will deliver them to each church pigeon box. Distribution subject to approval.

    The Greater Sydney Conference does not publish the Adventist Record. For questions regarding the Record, please contact Adventist Media directly at



    Local Church FAQs

    We have an ad. Can we post it in the IntraSyd?

    Due to the size and frequency of the IntraSyd, and the number of churches in the conference, we only post church ads for under very special circumstances. If you’re unsure whether this might fit your case, contact [email protected].

    Instead we encourage you to post it to our online notice board at Posts are subject to approval. We ask for content submitted to include a weblink where people can go for additional information or contact information.


    We’re having an event and would like to share on the website. Is this possible?

    It is possible, however, only those events that are opened to any church member as well as the general public. Please see our our Media Kit for what need in order to include the event.

    For local events (such as evangelist series and other seminars), we invite you to post it on our Notice Board and encourage you to share it via avenues geared towards reaching your churches local area and immediate vicinity.

    Be sure to create a Facebook event for you church event an sen us the link. We will be happy to add it to ours.


    How can we let people know about our meetup? 

    If you’re a member or church who runs a meetup and would like us to publicise it, email us at [email protected] with the name and nature of your meetup group, a link to it, and what church you’re associated with. Meetup submissions must include a web or social media link to be added. The Conference will not be responsible for fielding questions regarding meetup activities


    Media Kit

    Download here and from the footer of our website.

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