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    First Time at Church FAQs

    Going to church for the first time can be scary. But we're here to help. Here are a few frequently asked questions on what it's like to attend church for the first time.


    When is service held?

    Church service typically begins around 9:30am Saturday mornings but this will very according church. We have a couple churches the meet Saturday afternoons at 2pm or 3pm. For a more accurate schedule, visit our Locations page to find out more about the church you’re interested in visiting.

    What is a typical Adventist church service like?

    Most Seventh-day Adventist churches in Sydney have time for Bible study small groups and an organised church service every Sabbath (Saturday). Services include singing, praying, a missions spotlight, time to share personal stories and testimonies, a children’s story, a special music feature, a sermon, and time for fellowship. Come and see what it’s like to worship with us!

    Do I have to dress up to attend services?

    Many Adventists believe in looking our best when we come to church as a show of respect to God, but dressing up isn’t required. Some churches have a more formal atmosphere than others and then we have a number of cultural churches, so you’ll find variation in dress depending on which church you attend. Most of all, we want you worshipping alongside us, so come in and experience who we are, in whatever suits you best.

    What is Sabbath School?

    Sabbath school is when designated period during church service when we meet in small groups to discuss the Bible. Topics stem from a Bible study guide book we produced every quarter. It breaks the Bible down into themes and topics which we study daily using the guide.

    You can get the Bible study guide book online, by asking the Sabbath School leader for a copy, by purchasing a copy from our book shop in Epping or Wahroonga. Sabbath School study guides and groups are available for adults and children.

    I don’t own a Bible.

    No problem. We are happy to give you one for free!

    Do I have to put money in the collection plate?

    Only if you want to. Tithe and offering support our local church and mission work here in Sydney, Australia and around the world. Our members pledge to support the church financially. If visitors want to contribute, that’s great, but it is not required of you. Especially on your first visit.

    Do I have to take part in Communion?

    Our communion services are generally open, meaning that all who have committed their lives to Jesus Christ may participate. Participating in all or part of communion service is entirely your choice.

    What kind of outreach opportunities does your church offer?

    Adventists are known for our outreach missions. From international aid organisations like ADRA to local soup kitchens and Bible studies, our congregations are bustling with activity for God.

    If you’re excited to get involved in outreach, you’ll find opportunities to help share Jesus through children’s ministries, shelters and food banks, health ministries, teaching and Bible studies, music, fundraising and stewardship, emergency relief aid, and more.

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