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    Child of God. Daughter. Wife. Mother. Friend. Worker. Witnesser. Woman.

    Women have a lot to juggle. From personal and family life to careers and spiritual growth, sometimes it feels like the work never ends. We’ve got resources and a support system to make your life easier and more fulfilling as you connect with others, yourself and God.

    Health and wellness programs, women’s events, meetups, prayer conferences and retreats—the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sydney has a full range of women’s programming. Find resources and initiatives below and get involved!



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    We need you! Represent and make an impact

    Did you know that the Australian Union Conference has established a Women in Pastoral Ministry (WiPM) Scholarship Fund? If you are a woman who is currently studying or planning to study ministry at Avondale University or Mamarapha College then this is for you!


    Applicants must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident enrolled or planning to enrol into either Bachelor of Ministry and Theology or Graduate Diploma of Ministry and Theology at Avondale University or the Advanced Diploma of Indigenous Pastoral Ministry at Mamarapha College.

    The scholarship can be held in conjunction with any other scholarship.

    For more information on the scholarship criteria, conditions and application form please visit





    Disciple –

    Resources to help disciple-makers through the Harvest Cycle. Adventist Women · Children & Family · Church Planting · Discipleship · Elders · Health · Home Church & Sabbath School Resources.

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    Sydney Adventist Women on Facebook

    The official Facebook presence of the Women's Ministry Department of the Greater Sydney Seventh-day Adventist Conference. #sydneyadventists

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    Adventist Women Leaders (AWL)

    Adventist Women Leaders (AWL) connects, engages, supports, advocates, develops, and mentors women in leadership positions in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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    Women in Pastoral Ministry Scholarship

    The Australian Union Conference (AUC) Women in Pastoral Ministry (WiPM) Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to female ministry and theology at Avondale University & Mamarapha College.

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