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    Kids & Teens Clubs

    Pathfinders & Adventurers | Kids & Teens Clubs

    More than just a lot of fun, these clubs are a big part of our young people’s life and faith journeys. They’ve allowed kids and teens to connect with Jesus in an exciting and memorable way, develop positive lifestyle habits, build long-lasting friendships, and experience the wonder of God’s creation.

    Through these active programs, young people throughout Sydney have gained an appreciation of the outdoors and confidence in their attitudes to life issues.

    Your Child’s Safety First

    Our clubs are sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and operated by volunteers who are enthusiastic about supporting this age group and have all of the qualifications required by both the government and the church.

    In Australia, all volunteers involved in a Club are required to follow safety procedures such as Working with Children Checks and AdSafe training to provide a safe place for children.



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    Adventurers (ages 4-9)

    Adventurers is a family-based program designed to support parents and caregivers and give children an opportunity to belong to an organized peer group. The program provides a fun environment in which children and parents can participate in building life-long memories.

    To join, children are invited to participate in various activities which improve their social skills. The curriculum includes age appropriate activities ranging from games, outdoor activities, exploring nature, camping, religious instruction (such as learning to pray) and service opportunities.

    Pathfinders (ages 10-15)

    Pathfinders is open to any young people within this age group and accept the philosophy of the organisation. The program provides opportunities for its members to develop holistically including the importance of Spiritual values and a positive mental attitude. This self-development is through activities such as camping, exploring nature and environmental awareness, interactive learning, spiritual awareness, fun activities and acts of community.

    In Greater Sydney, Pathfinders graduate from the program at age 15 with a mind for mission, heart for service, and leadership skills for life. Graduates are invited to train to become leaders for the next generations.

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    Other Kids & Teens Activities

    In addition to these programs, we have a few other activities for kids and teens.

    • Summer Holiday Camps
    • Imagine – Day conference for young girls
    • Dream Tracks – Mentoring and events for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander youth.
    • Adventist Youth Programs – Saturday afternoon programs held by local churches
    • Vacation Bible School (VBS) – Weeklong, activity-based day camps for kid (offered summers)
    • High School Worship Events
    • Adventist Outdoors

    Check out our kids page for more children’s programs, as well as our youth and young adults pages for the slightly older crowd.


    The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sydney is committed to safety. This guide is to help keep our kids and teens clubs safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    COVID-19 PF & ADV Club Update[1]

    COVID Safe Club Check List[1]

    Kids & Teens Clubs




    Kids & Teens Summer Holiday Camps

    Each year we run two or three Summer Camps during the month of January.



    Adventurers Club Resources

    Everything you need to run a successful Adventurers club.



    Pathfinders Club Resources

    Everything you need to run a successful Pathfinders club.

    Adventurers, COVID-19, Pathfinders


    COVID-Safe Pathfinders & Adventurers Club Checklist [1]

    The Seventh-day Adventist Church is Sydney is committed to safety. This guide is to help keep out kids and teens clubs safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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