30 October 2021


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6 November 2021

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    Local Church

    The Greater Sydney Conference ministry team is here to support you and your local church with this vision of growing in discipleship.

    As we grow in discipleship:

    • We see a church that is passionate about knowing and experiencing God, both personally and through a lifestyle of worship within the local church that we are committed to.
    • We see a church that is actively serving in our community, making disciples who are making disciples and growing healthy churches that are planting new churches.
    • We see a church where people experience authentic Christian relationships and real Biblical community by being involved in the life and mission of the church.

    The Greater Sydney Conference ministry team is here to support you and your local church with this vision of growing in discipleship. In particular, the Conference will:

    • Pray that Jesus fills you with His Holy Spirit and pours out His Spirit into all of the Seventh-day Adventist church in Greater Sydney
    • Cast the bigger vision so that you can understand how you can be part of growing the Seventh-day Adventist movement across Greater Sydney
    • Equip you with practical and effective resources to enable you to grow and reach out to people who are far from God
    • Train you to become more effective in your ministry and mission
    • Coach you to empower you to reach the goals that you sense the Holy Spirit is calling you to accomplish
    • Provide opportunities for you to network with other Adventist disciples and leaders who are committed to growing in discipleship

    Your Conference has these important, broad strategic initiatives for growing in discipleship:

    1. Healthy Churches Strategy
    2. Quality Adventist Schools Framework
    3. Home Grown Focus
    4. Public Evangelism Initiatives
    5. Reclaiming Former Members
    6. Mission to Sydney Church Planting Strategy

    Measuring Our Growth

    In order to work out whether our strategy is really effective, we need to be able to measure our progress. We will measure our momentum towards achieving our vision of growing in discipleship using a number of insightful indicators. Refer to our webpage to find out what particular indicators we are using and how effective we are in terms of growing in discipleship in the Greater Sydney Conference.

    Natural Church Development

    Natural Church Development (NCD) to churches is what pruning shears are to plants. It is a tool to help create healthy Adventist churches that grow. For more on NCD and how your church can get help, click here. For Church Planting, see resources below.


    AdSafe Ltd is a service of the Seventh-day Adventist Church committed to maintaining safe environments within the church and facilitating healing and justice pathways for victims of sexual and physical abuse. Click here for more on how to ensure your church is a safe place.

    Other resources

    There are a number of resource items to support the local church (including Tithe and Offering resources) below and on our Offerings page. For downloadable eGiving resources see here. If there is something you are looking for and can’t find it below or on our resource page, please contact the conference so that we can facilitate your need.

    Local Church





    Find Work, Health & Safety resources. This page is password protected.



    Discussion Guide: COVID-19 Vaccination

    Material for COVID-19, vaccination discussions you may be having in church or community.



    GSC’s 5 Strategic Foci

    In 2018, participants of the first Biennial Greater Sydney Conference “Mission2Sydney Think Tank,” came up with five strategies to guide our Conference.



    Tithe and Offering 101

    All about tithe and offering, how it's divided and where it goes.

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