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    eGiving | Tithe & Church @ Home

    Information on giving tithe and offering via eGiving and resources for Church @ Home.


    eGiving Online Donations

    eGiving allows secure online payments to Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Australia and New Zealand. Your generous donation helps us build a better church and community. Give online at

    How to use eGiving  & Instructional Video Guides

    How to download and use the eGiving app available on both Apple’s App Store and Google play.

    Download this video

    eGiving Website Walkthrough

    eGiving App Walkthrough


    Other Resources

    For offering resources such as GLOW tracts, quote graphics, COVID-19 & giving, commitment cards and more, visit here.

    More resources like this

    ATSI, Inclusivity


    Appropriate Aboriginal Terminology Guide

    A guide to appropriate Aboriginal terminology.



    Stewardship Month Resources

    Here you'll find resources for the annual Stewardship Month campaigns.



    Media Release Forms

    Forms used for film and photography agreements to prevent any complications when the finished product is published.


    Step Beyond – A book of hope and happiness

    A missional book - Discover Jesus and learn to grow in your faith in Him and find happiness in the midst of a world filled with chaos.

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