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    Step Beyond – A book of hope and happiness

    A missional book - Discover Jesus and learn to grow in your faith in Him and find happiness in the midst of a world filled with chaos.


    Step Beyond for Personal Reading

    Discover Jesus and learn to grow in your faith in Him and find happiness in the midst of a world filled with chaos.

    Where to order?

    Contact Patricia Goncalves at [email protected] to order your books. Pick up your books at the Conference Office before the 15th of May. 

    If members wish to access more books, please check with their conference office first.

    Step Beyond as a Missional Resource

    Step Beyond is produced locally – specifically for outreach and distribution/sharing in the secular Australian context. It is “Steps to Christ” with a redesign.  The new title and cover have been tested and proven to have greater community appeal than other imported Steps to Christ / Steps to Jesus books.  Readers found that the Step Beyond title and cover makes it easier for members to make genuine connections before introducing people to the message of the book, taking the user on a deeper journey and connection to Jesus.

    The book, “Step Beyond“, is “Steps to Christ” but with a new cover design. It has been affordably priced at $0.80 for everyone to be able to engage in this missional effort and help bring some joy back into this world.

    How do I go about sharing this with someone?

    Well there’s no clear cut way, however, the following steps can help get you started.

    1. Order 2 copies of this book
    2. Read one copy, then give one away to a friend or family member who might benefit OR form a book club with a friend/friends looking to improve their lives. Click here for additional ideas.
    3. Pray. For book recipient, their lives, and your connection. Discuss the book with them. Foster a safe environment to get to know them. Additional resource: If You Can Eat…You Can Make Disciples – “Be quiet and listen.”
    4. Discuss with that friend how they might improve their lives and see what resources our ministries have that can assist them on that happiness or spiritual journey. Visit For additional guidance contact you local Personal Ministries Director or the [email protected]


    This is an ongoing initiative launching 21 May 2022.

    Download the marketing resources here.

    Participating churches

    This map helps church members who want to support this initiative find a church that is actively involved in sharing the book. Click here for Sharing Month 2022 Participating Churches.



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