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    Church Signage & Pylons

    Information on how and where to get church signage in accordance with SPD Branding.


    My church would like to get a sign. Where do we start?

    First, decide where this sign can and will go. This will help the manufacturer narrow down the best solutions for you.


    Pylons require a degree of engineering and are best suited to churches on Adventist-owned properties (land that the church owns).

    Pricing and measurement specs are provided by the sign manufacturer. Pylon signs can be made through any sign company so long as legal requirements are met (council approval, etc.) and branding guidelines are followed.

    Because of their familiarity with our branding, and because they’ve already produced several signs for Greater Sydney Conference churches, we recommend Metro Signs, Our contact at Metro Signs is Daniel Atkins. His email is [email protected].

    Should the church decide to go with an alternative manufacturer, you will find the branding guidelines through the following link. The link provides guidance regarding signage as well as a logo generator and download links for necessary fonts.

    Smaller and Portable Signage

    For churches that meet in residential spaces or at non-Adventist-owned venues, small and/or portable signage is the recommended option.

    Metro Signs can assist with these types of signs. We also recommend Precision Printers in Sydney. The team at Precision Printers is also familiar with South Pacific Division (SPD) branding and can produce suitable options in accordance with guidelines.

    Our contact at Precision Printers is DJ. Visit and use the Upload Files tab to submit an inquiry to get started.

    What do we do once we’ve received a mockup?

    After receiving your mockup,

    1. Send a copy to the Communications team at [email protected] to review. This will help ensure consistency.
    2. Once approved, your church can proceed with printing.


    Get in touch with us at [email protected].


    Where do we find church logos and fonts?

    SPD branding guidelines and assets are available at This includes fonts and a logo generator.

    Can churches get financial assistance towards purchasing a sign?

    Financial subsidies for purchasing large signage is available:

    • South Pacific Division: $5,000*
    • Australian Union Conference: $5,000*
    • Greater Sydney Conference: Unspecified*

    *The subsidies are available for new pylons and signage in compliance with the South Pacific Division branding guidelines only. Funding is not available for signage already purchased and/or installed. Churches are responsible for the full cost and expenses related to LED screens.

    To apply for any or all of these subsidies, send a letter of inquiry to the GSC General Secretary at [email protected].

    • We’d like to make our own sign. Does it need vetting by the Conference?

    Yes. As an entity of the Seventh-day Adventist Church under the South Pacific Division, all local churches, as representatives of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, are required to adhere to branding guidelines as outlined by the South Pacific Division.

    • I need something designed, but there is no example for it in the branding guidebook. What do I do?

    Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will work with the SPD branding team to find a solution.


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    Church Signage & Pylons

    Information on how and where to get church signage in accordance with SPD Branding.

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