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    Adventist Mission Impact Fund

    A fund for mission work. Your church or ministry could get as much as $150k USD for mission work!


    The source of these funds is primarily from “unrestricted maturities of planned gifts from church members” and donations for the purpose of front-line ministries. These funds will be replenished yearly and distributed on a yearly basis with no end in sight at this time. These funds do not come through the tithing system and thus do not have the spending limitations that are placed on tithe funds.

    Apply via the link button above.


    Contact: Pr Rodney Woods

    [email protected] |   P: +61 07 3218 7777


    Mission Impact Funding


    Recent recipients

    The 2023 Mission Impact Fund application by the Transpacific Union was successful. They will be receiving funds of $150,000 American Dollars in January 2024 for the following purpose:

    The 10,000 Toes campaign is a campaign to stamp out Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in the South Pacific through a bottom- up approach. It’s an Adventist Health program that’s promoting the 10,000 Toes with local church volunteers to save lives for now and eternity. The concept engages everyone in the fight against NCDs with particular emphasis on diabetes through partnership with Governments, key health workers, Non-Governmental Organizations, villages, communities, towns and cities. The campaign is about streamlining health knowledge, skills, resources and empowering grass root people to take control of their lives with a proactive approach in combating these deadly diseases.

    For an application to be successful it needs to be driven by the local church or group of churches within a conference. The attached MIF document attached succinctly describes the purpose for which these funds are available.

    For more detailed information please visit

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    Grants / Scholarships, Local Church


    Adventist Mission Impact Fund

    A fund for mission work. Your church or ministry could get as much as $150k USD for mission work!

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