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7 August 2021

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    Press Release

    PR | New Conference Website

    1 March 2021

    The new Greater Sydney Conference is now live. Please have a look around and familiarise yourself with the new site and menu. It will be an adjustment.

    Naturally, there is still work needing to be done, but that will be ongoing. We kindly ask for your patience in the coming weeks as we work through any issues that arise from the transition.

    About the new site

    To preface to the new site: we asked a lot of it. It had to represent the Conference, the Global Church and our branding; provide internal and external departmental information and resources; promote our local churches; showcase digital content; appeal to the urban population of Sydney in a way that is clean and fresh; ensure a smooth user experience and journey; be optimizable for both humans AND Google; and do all of this within our budget.

    The end product is a fairly decent solution to everything we needed of it with room build on feature we’d like down the road. We hope this site continues to improve our services and support to the local churches and community.


    Site overview

    Note that this the list below is not a complete listing of the features and pages available on this site, but a highlight of some of the key features.

    Where possible, we want to direct much of the traffic to the local church websites. More content refining and link building will be carried out in the coming months.

      • Landing page
              • Acknowledgement of Country
              • Corner buttons:
                1. Accessibe – Fully automated solution that uses AI technology to provide web accessibility for a wide range of issues and impairments . This gives us ongoing compliance with web accessibility legislation.
                2. LiveChat – Online chat and help desk software. Will be ironing this out in the next couple months.
              • Image showcase
              • Homepage: Modules showcasing content and bits from other parts of the website. Acknowledgements and links in footer.
              • Ads: 3 ads leaderboard, billboard, half page (These are paid ads with terms and conditions outlined in the Media Kit).
      • About
              • COVID-19 Announcements & Updates
              • People/Team Pics
              • Finance
      • What’s On
              • Community-oriented additions
                1. Events
                2. News
                3. Meetups* – For departments & churches alike
                4. Business Directory* – List or locally owned and operated Adventist businesses

    * The Conference will be monitoring reception of these new additions. Terms and conditions for inclusion on theses pages can be found on the Communications page and/or Media Kit (available soon).

      • Locations
              • Search for churches by language/culture and location and churches with livestreams
              • Find schools, venues, health centres, book stores, food pantries, community centres, & aged care locations

    ** We recommend selecting 1 or 2 regions or language/cultures per church when using the map.

      • Community
              • Ministries Page:
              • Giving (Offering): All of the information regarding offerings is located on the Giving page accessible via the heart icon and the Community –> Giving via the menu bar. The Offering (Giving) page is set up very similar to the previous page. Please note that we have not yet received the files to link each offering individually, which would allow you to simply click the date for the offering info. 
              • Notice board is where churches and members can post announcements. Notices will automatically disappear from the front end at the end date selected.  
      • Resources
              • Watch
              • Listen
              • Library
              • Newsletters: Conference (SA), Women (SAW) and Youth (SAY)
      • Header icons
              • Giving / Offering
              • Prayer & Bible Study Request
              • Videos
              • Upcoming Events
              • Search


    The new site was developed by Canvas Group. Questions? Comments? Please contact us at [email protected].


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