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    PR | ADRA’s response to the Floods

    24 March 2021


    24 March 2021

    As you are all aware, the east coast of Australia has been battered by torrential rain over the last week. Even though the sun is now shining, much of the damage has already been done with record flood levels in much of New South Wales.

    ADRA Australia is responding in two main ways: directly supporting affected households with cash grants, and supporting the wider community by providing cash grants to our network of Seventh-day Adventist Churches who are willing and able to respond to their community’s needs.


    How you can help:

    If your church is in an affected area and would like to respond, you can receive funding from ADRA to support your response. Click here to find the “Church Service Opportunities in Disasters” PDF for ideas on ways your church can respond. This could include, but is not limited to, preparing emergency food hampers for affected individuals and first responders, opening your church hall as an evacuation centre, and helping with the clean-up. If your church would like to serve in this way, please contact your Conference ADRA Director.

    Fundraising for ADRA:

    If your church is not in a flood-affected area but would still like to support, why not host a fundraiser? Donating money is fast, flexible and the most effective way to help in the aftermath of an emergency. It can be sent directly to an affected area and put towards the specific needs of the affected community. For fundraising ideas, see the “ADRA Fundraising Ideas” PDF. If your church decides to host a fundraiser, please register the event at <>. There will also be the possibility of organising an individual or church fundraiser through our GoFundraise platform. Please contact us directly on 1800 242 372 if you would like to set this up. Please note: ADRA Australia will not be accepting or coordinating the distribution of donated goods such as food or clothing.

    Applying for a grant:

    Churches: If your church would like to apply for a cash grant to respond to the floods, please fill in the attached form titled “National Program Proposal Template”. For further assistance, please contact your Conference ADRA Director. NOTE: If a cash grant is paid, we will require reports from your service activity. Eg. how many people were helped, nature of help (eg. # of hampers distributed, number of evacuees, etc.) Use “National Program Reporting Template” to report back on your service activity

    Households: If you or someone you know has been affected by the floods, get in touch with your Conference ADRA Director.

    Malcolm Rea via email at [email protected] or phone: 02 9868 6522 or 0401 631 584.


    ADRA Australia will be posting regular updates to our supporters via our social media channels such as our Facebook page and Instagram. If people wish to support ADRA’s response financially, visit or call 1800 242 372.

    And please continue to pray for those who have been affected and the people who are responding. The response and clean up from this flooding event will take months.

    Thank you so much for partnering with ADRA to be justice, compassion and love for those who need it most.

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