30 October 2021


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6 November 2021

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    ADRA Knocktober Appeal 2021

    1 October 2021

    You can Let Love Shine this October by participating in the 2021 ADRA Appeal.

    Support for the ADRA Appeal last year helped keep the door of more than 110 local projects open. Heartbreakingly, the 2020 ADRA Appeal raised half of what it used to – that’s hundreds of thousands of dollars we haven’t been able to share with projects helping Australians in need.

    Register to run an ADRA Appeal fundraiser or doorknock at or call 1800 242 372 for more information on how your church can participate.

    You can help raise vitally needed funds during the month of October by:

    • Registering for and running a fundraising event (with many COVID-safe options)
    • Doorknocking (in areas where this is allowed and safe)
    • Promoting the ADRA Appeal offering on 16th October in your church
    • Donating as individuals

    Here is the story of Debbie, a woman who was helped by her local ADRA program:

    For as long as she can remember, drugs dictated Debbie’s life. For decades, she and her family experienced periods of homelessness and money was scarce.

    Two years ago, Debbie broke her addiction, and she began looking for a support network. She found it at her local ADRA Centre.

    Volunteering with ADRA gave Debbie a sense of purpose and the community she craved. “It’s the first time in my life that I’ve been in a community,” Debbie says.

    Debbie’s involvement with ADRA also helped to reconcile her broken relationship with her son Lincoln. And now, Lincoln is regularly attending the local Adventist Church. This is what happens when we Let Love Shine.

    Please help raise vitally needed funds this ADRA Appeal so churches like yours can continue to serve their communities and reach more people like Debbie and Lincoln.

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