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6 November 2021

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    Blessings amid lockdown

    21 September 2021

    Packing food parcels at the ADRA Blacktown Community Centre


    “My husband left me two years ago because I had a daughter instead of a son”, Christina shared when she visited the ADRA Community Centre in Blacktown for food relief. “I’m glad I’m free of his abuse, but now I can’t make ends meet”, she continued while tearing up.

    Like so many others, Christina lost her job during the lockdown, but she knew where to turn. The centre has kept its food service open while many others haven’t, providing an amazing blessing for our clients and staff. A number of food rescue programs have been directing food to the centre, and over a tonne of food is delivered every day. This has enabled the centre to send home with each client two or three bulging bags filled with fruit, veggies, milk, meat, bread and more. We have been inundated with over 50 clients requesting food every day, and every tonne of food delivered has helped feed over 500 people weekly throughout the lockdown. We’ve never seen so many food clients before; yet we have never before seen so much food donated.
    “I can’t believe you are open!” Jason called out as he approached the food service desk. “I’ve tried everywhere, but everyone is shut due to the lockdown”. We knew Jason; he was a regular at the community centre, as he had been homeless for many months. The housing department could not offer him temporary accommodation due to an infection he was battling, so he slept in a back alley of the Blacktown CBD. “This place keeps saving my life”, he continued as he took a banana out of the food parcel he was given and ate through it in two bites.

    It is tough out there for people like Christina and Jason, but we praise God that He has blessed ADRA Blacktown to be a bright source of relief in these difficult times. We may not be able to meet all the needs of the most vulnerable members of our community, but continuing food parcel service throughout the lockdown is a difference we are able to make. And what a difference! It has been incredible to see how God has blessed us to be a blessing.



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