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    2022 Constituency Meeting

    27 August 2022 - 28 August 2022
    Mountain View Adventist College
    41 Doonside Road
    Doonside NSW 2767

    The Thirtieth Constituency Meeting of the Greater Sydney Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

    The program will commence on Sabbath, 27 August with a praise and inspirational program including the closing of Sabbath from 3:30pm until 5:45pm.

    The seating of delegates and the Constituency Meeting, to include the presentation of administration and departmental reports and financial statements for the years 2018 to 2021, will commence at 7:00pm until 9:00pm and will continue on Sunday 28 August from 9am to 4pm. The Officers, Executive Committee, Appointments Committee, Nominating Committee and Constitution Committee of the Conference for the next quadrennium will be elected at this Constituency Meeting.

    Meals: Friday dinner & Sabbath lunch will be served for delegates.


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    All members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church are part of a constituency, which is defined as a group of voters in a specified region who elect representatives from the local church.

    Every four years representatives elect conference leadership, receive reports from conference ministries and entities (Adventist Book Store, Aged Care and Education), and vote on general decisions and church business. Reports on audited finances, church membership, and other statistics are also received and voted upon. Constituency meeting delegates will also vote on any proposed changes to the Conference constitution.

    A quadrennial overview for all branches of the Conference will be compiled into a Constituency Meeting report booklet. Delegates will receive a hard copy to review prior to the meeting. The Conference President, General Secretary and Chief Financial Officer will give their reports at the Constituency meeting. Departmental leaders and directors will provide account for their department/ministries via a Q&A panel during the meeting.

    To learn more about these meeting visit the “About Constituency Meetings” button on this page.


    Town Hall Meetings

    In preparation of the Constituency Meeting, four (4) town hall meetings will be held.

    The purpose of each meeting is to:

    • Explain the process and procedures of the Constituency Meeting and how delegates can be engaged and contribute
    • Explain the election and voting processes
    • Provide a brief on the strategic direction of the Conference for the next 4 years
    • Discuss the agenda items
    • Answer any questions.

    All three Conference officers will be present at each meeting.

    Who this event is for

    The Constituency Town hall meetings are for any church member to attend. The Session will be for delegates (individuals selected by their local church to attend as representatives) and pastors only.


    27 August 2022 - 28 August 2022
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    Mountain View Adventist College
    41 Doonside Road
    Doonside NSW 2767


    (02) 9868 6522
    [email protected]


    Alban Matohiti


    Cheonneth Strickland

    General Secretary

    Colin Raymond

    Chief Financial Secretary

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