Spiritual Gifts Test


“For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your a faith; if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach; if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, b do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully.” Romans 12:4-8

This Spiritual Gifts Survey will help you identify your God-given spiritual gifts. It’s a simple questionnaire giving you a profile of your God given spiritual gifts.

Your Details

Important: Answer according to who you are, not who you would like to be or think you ought to be. How true are these statements of you? What has been your experience? To what degree do these statements reflect your usual tendencies?

I enjoy organizing people, tasks and events

I would enjoy starting up new churches where there are currently none

I like making and creating things from wood, paint, glass, cloth etc

I like to show people different perspectives of God using art in a variety of forms

I find is easy to see the difference between good and evil, spiritual truth and error

I usually see the good in people rather than the bad

I find I can share the gospel with people so that they can clearly understand it

I am confident that God answers my prayers

I willingly give financial support to special projects and people in financial difficulty

I like to help by working behind the scenes on a given project

My home is a place I can support people in need

I like to pray for people and their requests on a regular basis

People often ask me for my opinion on a Bible passage of fundamental importance

I am good at motivating people to complete tasks

I enjoy offering support to people who are hurting and need help

Many people have made a significant change in their lives after talking with me

I like to support and care for others

I can share the Bible with people of all ages

People often ask me for advice regarding their spiritual and personal life

I take care to attend to the details when performing a task


Spiritual Gifts: Part B

I’d like to minister to other cultures and help in other countries

I am a skilled labourer and can use a variety of different tools

I like to be involved in drama, photography, music and art

I am good at sizing up a person’s character on a first meeting

I like to help people who are discouraged

I look for and find opportunities to make friends who are non-Christian

I am confident God will help me in good times and bad

I give more than just tithe to help further God’s work

I enjoy helping out with the day-to-day tasks to support the church

I enjoy meeting and welcoming new people

I enjoy praying and often pray for long periods. During prayer time I regularly feel God leads me to pray for various people and situations

With access to suitable study materials, I am able to find God’s teachings on most subjects

I can help others to shape and achieve their goals

I am able to patiently support people through painful times in their lives

I am able to encourage people when they are experiencing difficulties in life

I like to care for and help believers whose faith is not firmly grounded

I spend time studying so I can share life changing truth with people of all ages

When difficult situations arise, I am still able to find simple and practical solutions

I am able to set goals and plan strategies to achieve them

I am keen to help plant a new church


Spiritual Gifts: Part C

I enjoy making things to be used at church

I am able to use the arts to help people develop a better understanding of themselves and God

I can easily spot when people are not being truthful in a given situation

I like to learn promises from the Bible and share them with others

I am able to find a message in the Bible to help people with a particular need

I am sure that God plans for me to achieve great things

I manage my money carefully so that I am able to give more

I happily perform odd jobs around the church to help others

God brings new people to me so that I am able to help them to make friends

I like to pray for other people and their problems when I talk to God

I regularly take time to study the Bible so I can understand it better

When I lead, I am able to bring out the best in people

I like to help the people whom other people have given up on

I am able to point out the teachings of others that do not agree with the Biblical principles

I like to offer guidance to people for the personal aspects of their lives... their relationships, emotions, faith etc

I listen and consider carefully every word spoken by those who share the Bible with me

I am good at choosing the best “plan of attack” in a given situation

I can search out, find and use the best available resources to complete a given task

I am very adaptable in most social situations

I am able to see in my mind a picture of what I want to make before I build it


Spiritual Gifts: Part D

I like to find new and different angles to present God’s truth from the Bible

I am able to sum up a situation quickly and correctly

I able to offer reassurance to people when they are making decisions

I am comfortable asking people to make a decision for Christ

I am able to trust God when human effort will not be enough

I try to limit spending so I can give more to the Lord

I know the practical things I do around church help to further God’s cause

Most people see me as a friend

I am confident God responds to my prayers and is able to work miracles

I enjoy answering people’s questions about the Bible

I am able to achieve set goals through carefully management of people and resources

I feel compassion for people who are hurting

I have often been told by people that God has used me to help them

I am able to offer support and assistance to people for long periods

I study the Bible systematically

I am good at analyzing a situation and can usually tell how things will work out

I like to keep things running efficiently

I am sensitive to other cultures

I like to make gifts for people

I share God’s word via artistic expression


Spiritual Gifts: Part E

People tell me I have good insights into the Bible

I help support people when their faith is weak

I enjoy telling people about what it means to be a Christian

I know God is with me all the time and helps me when I need Him

I find it satisfying to give financially to God’s ministries

I happily do the small jobs around the church without having to be asked

I like to entertain people in my home

When I hear someone is having a bad time the first thing I want to do is pray

I understand that we are only saved through faith

I can get the best out of people

I can look beyond the surface and see a person that matters to God

I like it when people are honest and speak the truth

I enjoy guiding and helping people in small groups

I have been told that the way I present the Bible makes people want to study it more

I am good at giving practical advice

I like to learn about how different organizations function

I enjoy starting brand new projects

I like to work with my hands

I am creative and have a good imagination

I can tell when someone is not teaching the truth from the Bible


Spiritual Gifts: Part F

I enjoy helping others grow spiritually

I like to share my testimony with others

I encourage others to trust God

I give generously to the Church

I like to help and assist others complete their job

I like to help others feel a part of things

I feel good when someone asks me to pray for them

I like to share my newly discovered Bible truths with others

I am good at helping people catch a vision

I like to bring happiness to sad people

I believe God’s truth must be shared even when it is unpopular

I am able to help rebuild people’s faith through loving support

I can break God’s message down into parts that can be easily understood by everyone

I am able to give helpful suggestion on how to apply God’s truths to our lives

I am able to foresee difficulties in a coming event and prepare for them

I am able to look after more than one ministry at a time

I can design and build things to help solve problems around the church

I enjoy being alone with my imagination

I can tell what type of spirit a person is being influenced by

I often help people resolve problems


Spiritual Gifts: Part G

I like to have discussions about God with people who don’t know him

If I feel strongly that God is leading, I will continue with a project even if others do not agree

I have been given much so I can give much

I am always will to help whenever and wherever I can

I am able to make people feel more comfortable even if the surrounds are not familiar

I often see specific answers to my prayers

I like to share my insights and knowledge with others

I work out what needs to happen and help other to get there

I like helping others in a practical way

If I see sin, I tend to point it out and encourage people to change their lives

I like to help people develop a relationship with Christ

I enjoy explaining Bible truths to people so they can understand and grow

I am pretty good at solving problems other people might find hard to fix


Discover My Heart/Passion

An important part of discovering your Servant Profile is understanding your Passion. When you have a Passion for an area of ministry, you are more enthusiastic and motivated to serve.

Read the devotional here.

  • Do this on your own
  • Don’t worry about whether you think it is possible or not… write it down anyway!

1: If you could do anything you wanted to do and be sure you would succeed, what would it be?

2: At the end of my life, I’d love to be able to look back and know that I’d done something about:

3: What do you think your friends would say you were interested in or passionate about?

4: What things do you like to talk about late into the night?

At this point, if you are able to describe your Passion in a word or brief sentence, go to Item 10 of this assessment and do so. If you would like more clarification, consider the following statements.

5: Which of the following people would you like to help most?

6: Which of the following do you feel most strongly about?

The following exercise may help you uncover a theme from your experience which will give you insight into your passion.

Write down the 5-7 best things that have ever happened in your life and why they are meaningful to you.

These experiences may have taken place at home, work, school, or during your free time. It may have been a clock you fixed or a dress you made. It may have been a puzzle you put together or an award you received. It may have been helping some friends move, building a house, winning an election, or giving to someone in need. Remember, these are experiences that you enjoyed doing and felt fulfilled.

Now read what you have written, what underlying theme can you find? If one or two come to mind, write them in the space below:

I think the area where I could make the most significant contribution is:

If you still are not sure what your passion is consider the following:

  • Are any of the things you have written about similar?
  • Does a particular age group keep coming up?
  • Do you find you do similar roles in different areas?

Based on my answers to the above questions, I sense I have a Passion for:

Making a statement of Passion is not easy for everyone. Remember that this is just the beginning of the process of identifying and clarifying your Passion. As you think, pray, and gain more ministry experience, your Passion will become more clear over time.



Each of us has abilities that we have discovered and learned over our lifetime. Read through this list of specialized abilities and click the top three (3) abilities that you excel at and love doing:


What is My Style?

A Connections Workshop will address this issue of personal style in more detail. In the meantime consider the following questions to get an idea on your personal style.

  • For each item, check the word you think best describes what you would prefer to do or be in most situations.
  • Do not answer according to what you feel is expected by a spouse, family member, employer, etc.
  • Select the behaviour or perspective that would come naturally to you if you knew there were no restrictions on or consequences for your personal expression.

How are you Organised?

While on holiday I prefer to…

be spontaneous follow a set plan

I prefer to set guidelines that are…

general specific

I prefer to…

leave my options open settle things now

I prefer projects that have…

variety routine

I like to…

play it by ear stick to a plan

I find routine…

boring restful

I complete tasks best…

by working it out as I go by following a plan

How are you Energised?

I’m more comfortable…

doing things for people being with people

When doing a task I tend to…

focus on the goal focus on relationships

I get more excited about…

advancing a cause creating community

I feel I’ve accomplished something when I’ve…

completed a job built a relationship

It is more important to start a meeting…

on time when all have arrived

I’m more concerned with…

meeting a deadline maintaining the team

I place a higher value on…

action communication