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    Sydney Adventist Youth Debut New Logo

    27 March 2024


    Sydney Adventist Youth (SAY), Greater Sydney Conference’s youth ministry serving children to young adults from ages 4 through 18+, announced a fresh new logo as part of their recent rebrand.

    “The concept behind the new logo represents how Sydney Adventist Youth is made up of people of different ages, who are doing life differently but are pulled together to the cross,” shares SAY leadership. Graphic designer Jessica Symes designed the new logo. SAY debuted the design and launched new merchandise in early December 2023.


    2024 sydney adventist youth logo refresh


    “We wanted to refresh our youth brand to better reflect what we do as a youth department,” shares Jacinda Ralph, Youth Departmental Assistant. “The logo serves as branding for our youth
    events, allowing youth to identify and promote the conference’s events within their local churches.”

    CHECK OUT THE NEW LOGO and get SAY-branded gear on the SAY website.


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