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    Purpose in Unity: Regathering for a Renewed Youth Movement

    8 July 2024


    We all participate in traditions, but sometimes forget the reasons behind them. Longtime members of the Adventist Church likely recall the excitement of youth rallies back in the day. Yet, over time, the true purpose of such events can become muddled.

    This year’s rally serves as a powerful reminder: to unite churches, nations, and cultures in worship of our Lord and Savior. The Greater Sydney Conference welcomes everyone with open arms, fostering a spirit of unity within our diverse Adventist family. Every young person, regardless of their church background or personal journey, has a place here.




    Through worship, prayer, and shared vision, we aim to empower a new generation of youth leaders. With the support of pastors and conference leadership, these young people will take the reins in their respective regions of Greater Sydney.

    Here’s where we need your help:

    Please pray for our young leaders and their teams as they explore innovative ways to make youth ministry a central pillar of outreach and connection within their communities. And if you can please do get in touch and join one of our regional teams as we work on this vision tother. Email [email protected].




    The amazing service was followed by a fun-filled Sports Competition, fostering camaraderie and family spirit through a friendly game of basketball and volleyball. There don’t miss the next gathering on August 10th, 2024, in Wollongong, led by our Southern Region Youth Team. This is another chance to connect, shape, be part of something bigger, and celebrate the Adventist Church within the Greater Sydney Conference.

    Pr Dejan Stojkovic, Sydney Adventist Youth Director

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