19 June 2021


26 June 2021

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    The GSC website is now part of the world’s first search engine for accessible websites

    26 May 2021

    The Greater Sydney Conference website is now part of the world’s first search engine for accessible websites, strengthening the church’s inclusivity and opening God’s message to a much broader audience!

    accessFind in a nutshell:

    • A non profit initiative, created with the community for the community and in collaboration with the most influential disability-focused organizations
    • A way for people with disabilities to enjoy the tremendous opportunities the internet has to offer, such as finding an electrician, paying rent, and so much more
    • Powered by accessiBe, as part of our mission to make the internet accessible by 2025

    Why does the world need accessFind?

    The internet is where we order groceries, buy clothes, pay rent, find an electrician, and so much more. Millions of site visitors with disabilities can’t accomplish these tasks because less than 2% of websites are accessible and therefore impossible to find. accessFind is here to change that.


    accessFind is a revolutionary search engine that will display results of accessible websites, and is a consumer-centric, non-profit initiative that is built for the community, with the community, and in partnership with leading disability-focused organizations.

    Since the GSC website is accessible using accessiBe, it will be displayed as part of the search results and will be more visible to people with disabilities. This greater exposure will open the church up more opportunities for people to learn about Jesus and the Bible.

    With accessFind, people with disabilities will have better access to the full potential of the internet and use it for anything they need, from everyday tasks to the most ambitious dreams.

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