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    GSC and ATSIM Leaders Come Together

    9 May 2023

    On Friday night the 20th of January, Greater Sydney Conference leadership, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Ministries (ATSIM) department leaders and the community came together to host our Indigenous Adventist members from the Finke Desert Community in the Northern Territory.

    Pr Henry Dunn, who is currently between studies at Mamarapha College and our Indigenous Bible worker connected with our Redfern community centre and ATSIM ministries, welcomed the group and lead out in the worship time. Pr Alban Matohiti, President of Greater Sydney Conference, was present and extended an official welcome on behalf of the membership of our conference. It was a delight to come together to share, encourage and fellowship with fellow Indigenous Adventists. A real highlight was during the worship time, when Finke Adventist members sang and shared songs in their own language of Pitjantjatjara, to the delight of all present.




    Aputula is the farthest populated place from the sea in Australia, and therefore the nearest settlement to the geographical centre of the continent. There, every Sabbath, you can find a group of Seventh-day Adventists meeting together at the centre of our nation.

    Aputula (formerly Finke, until the 1980s) is a remote Indigenous Australian community in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is 317 km (197 mi) south of Alice Springs and 159 km (99 mi) east of Kulgeraroadhouse on the Stuart Highway, near the border with South Australia.

    The Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Ministries (ATSIM) is an intercultural ministry. It involves consistent one- on-one connections to develop personal relationships and build community trust. ATSIM provides outreach, support, resources and understanding to local churches serving members of the indigenous Australian Community.

    For more information contact ATSIM Coordinator for Greater Sydney,
    Pr Pr Richie Reid, at [email protected], or visit There you will find a number of resources to increase inclusivity in your church available on demand.


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