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    3D printed ear earned San ENT Surgeon Associate Professor Eureka Award

    20 October 2022

    Professor Payal with a 3D ear small he

    A 3D printed ear has earned San ENT Surgeon Associate Professor Payal Mukherjee and her project team a finalist post on the 2022 Eureka Awards.

    An interdisciplinary network of clinicians and scientists have developed an innovative bio-ear for children with microtia, and have been named a finalist in this year’s prestigious Australian Museum Eureka Awards – the country’s most comprehensive national science awards.

    The innovative project, called NEW EARS (iNtegrated nEtWorks for Ear Additive Reconstructive Science) is an Australian first for hybrid bio-printed ear reconstruction, achieved by integrating the science of 3D printing, cell biology and materials engineering.

    NEW EARS addresses a previously challenging surgical pathway for children with ear deformity by reducing morbidity and importantly, co-ordinating hearing rehabilitation and performing ear reconstruction at the same time.

    Congratulations to Associate Professor Mukherjee, co-leader Professor Gordon Wallace from University of Wollongong and the NEW EARS team on their nomination.

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