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    Granville Church

    115 Blaxcell Street, Granville NSW 2142

    Slavic & English Church

    The Granville Church are a caring community who feel called to provide services catering to the language needs of the slavic community. We are family-focused; love sharing our faith with others; and especially seek to cater to the needs of elderly, disabled, or retired members by offering community care. We are very culturally diverse and welcome anyone wanting to reach out and connect with God and others.

    Regular Sabbath School is held Saturdays at 9:30am followed by joint services at 11am. Lunch follows service every Sabbath.

    In addition to church service, we have or offer the following:

    • Home visitation
    • Prayer
    • Men’s group
    • Bible study
    • Health & Wellness programs
    • Community service

    Clyde and Granville train stations within 20-minutes walk from the church.

    • Wheelchair Accessible
    • On-site Parking
    • Life Group Network
    • Safe Place Coordinator


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