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    Church / Mission

    Think Tank 2022

    18 February 2022 - 19 February 2022
    Stadium Australia (Accor Stadium)
    Edwin Flack Avenue
    Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127

    In February 2022, 400 delegates from 102 churches, companies, church plants and groups will come together to share ideas, strategise mission and pray—seeking God’s leading in the mission of this church.



    Think Tank 2022 presentation slides and all available materials are now available in our resource library here.



    Download the promo video here

    In 2018, participants of the first Biennial Greater Sydney Conference “Mission2Sydney Think Tank,” came up with five strategies to guide our Conference—which were then approved by vote at the Constituency Session a few months later. The five strategies were:

    • Raising the Spiritual Temperature
    • Member Empowerment
    • Community Engagement
    • Growing Together
    • Media (Digital) Engagement

    At the 2020 Think Tank, held 14-15 February 2020, delegates focused on the following strategies:

    • Community Engagement
    • Growing Together

    At the 2022, delegates will focused on the following strategies:

    • Raising the Spiritual Temperature
    • Member Empowerment
    • Media (Digital) Engagement

    Questions to deliberate

    1. How have the 5 key focus areas been experienced in your church since our last Think Tank in February 2020?
    2. What has changed in your church since Think Tank 2020, both positively and challengingly? And, what should we reconsider going forward? As a church and as a conference?
    3. Is there a change that COVID-19 has introduced to your churches that you would like to keep?


    2022 Think Tank Letter – Board Letter

    How to participate

    Based on your churches’ attendance number, we invite two (2) or five (5) appointed delegates from each local church to attend. This will be in addition to your church pastor.

    We want your thought leaders and visionaries, strategic planners, church planters, youth leaders, evangelism coordinators and those who lead Personal Ministries.

    At least one (1) delegate must be a young adult under the age of 30. ALL delegates must be selected and approved by the church board.

    Please register ONLY those members who have been appointed.

    Deadline extended until 31 December 2021.


    In the unlikely event that a Public Health Order impedes the running of Think Tank on these dates, we have reserves a backup date of March 4th and 5th 2022 with Stadium Australia.

    Contingency plans will be in effect should a partial lockdown be put in place during the time of the event. March 5th has been chosen as the backup date in the event one-third or more participants are not be able to attend. More information to come.

    2022 GSC Think Tank COVIDSafe Measures

    THE Rapid Antigen (RAT) tests are now ready to be picked up from our Conference Office at 185 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga NSW 2076.

    For the most accurate results, test first thing in the morning BEFORE eating or drinking.

    Conference office hours are:

    • 9:00am-5:00pm, Mondays – Thursdays
    • 9:00am-12:30pm Fridays


    Join us for 31 Days of Prayer 19 February through 21 March 2022.


    • Effective 26 November 2021 the stadium became known as Accor Stadium.
    • 15 January 2022: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Pastors Jinha Kim and Terry Johnson will no longer be attending the event. Pr Kim’s session on “Urban Ministry” will be replaced by Pr Gary Webster presenting on “Digital Evangelism”.


    18 February 2022 - 19 February 2022
    7:00pm-9:00pm Friday
    8:00am-6:00pm Sabbath


    Stadium Australia (Accor Stadium)
    Edwin Flack Avenue
    Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127


    Patricia Goncalves
    O: 02 9868 6522, P: 02 - 8876 5236
    [email protected]


    Dr Darius Jankiewicz


    Former Andrews University Professor Dr Darius Jankiewicz – “What it takes to raise our spiritual temperature”.

    Ashley Fell


    Director of Advisory at McCrindle Research, Ms Ashley Fell – “The reality of our community in Sydney and the Z Generation”.

    Peter Roennfeldt


    Author and Minister, Pastor Peter Roennfeldt – “Making disciples, Discovery Bible Reading, becoming Spirit-filled”.

    Pr Gary Webster


    Associate Pastor of Wahroonga Church, Pr Gary Webster – “Digital Evangelism”

    Pr Andre Vieira


    Greater Sydney Conference Ministerial Secretary – Devotion

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