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    REFRAME School of Evangelism: How to Develop & Give Bible Studies

    4 May 2024 - 1 June 2024
    Parramatta Church Hall
    77-81 Hammers Road,
    Northmead NSW 2152

    Short, in-depth mission-focused training intensives. Learn to develop and give Bible studies.

    Member Empowerment of the local church is one of the strategic priorities of the Conference. Reframe is where different ministries of the conference will run workshops to empower members to be better leaders and serve their community.


    What does REFRAME School of Evangelism do?

    As God’s followers, the work we have in Sydney is plenty and workers are few. The reality is that not every pastor, church or ministry has all it needs to thrive, or will.

    REFRAME is a way to build a team of confident missionaries and to effectively support the work. It is for you, your church, your ministry to work smarter and not harder in sharing God’s love and Gospel, and reaching those seeking Him.



    Parramatta SDA Church Hall, 77 Hammers Rd, Northmead NSW 2152


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    REFRAME School of Evangelism


    How to Develop and Give Bible Studies 

     This course will instruct the participant in how to plan, organise and present a set of Bible Studies with opportunities for practical demonstration by the attendee. Other areas for instruction will include how to obtain decisions and finding new interests for Bible Study. 



    • 04 May, Sabbath | 3-5pm | Orientation & Course Introduction
    • 11 May, Saturday | 3-5pm | Course
    • 18 May, Saturday | 3-5pm | Course
    • 25 May, Saturday | 3-5pm | Course
    • 01 June, Sabbath | 3-5pm | Closing Exercises  & Graduation


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    4 May 2024 - 1 June 2024


    Parramatta Church Hall
    77-81 Hammers Road,
    Northmead NSW 2152


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