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    JUL-AUG 2023 IntraSyd Deadline

    3 July 2023

    A reminder that the deadline for the July/August 2023 IntraSyd is 03 July. This issue appears in churches 12 August.

    Please keep local news items under 150 words. Short stories should be 300 words max. Rather than a recap, tell us (or show us using words) what made the event so special or interesting. What is the short version of the message delivered?

    The earlier we receive your piece, the more time we will have to edit it and add to it if need be.

    Any accompanying images should be high resolution.  Be sure to include captions with correct name spellings (if any).


    How to Submit

    Information on the IntraSyd (dates and submission instructions) are online at bookmark this page.

    Submit your news item to [email protected].



    Have an event coming up or an announcement to share? Submit it to


    3 July 2023


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