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    Empowered and Purposeful Living Facilitator Training

    4 June 2024

    Become a facilitator for Empowered and Purposeful Living, a 7-week spiritual program.

    To become a facilitator, join the facilitator training provided by the ELIA Wellness team.

    The Empowered and Purposeful Living facilitator training only takes 2 hours online, over 1 session. To run the Empowered and Purposeful Living Program, one needs to also be an ELIA Wellness Partner by completing the free online ELIA Partner training. Go to the same registration link.


    What does being a facilitator entail?

    Group health programs provide the educational resources but require a facilitator to share the information and to encourage group participants during their journey through the program.

    A facilitator of a group program launches the program and rallies the discussion. But the role of a facilitator goes further depending on if the facilitator has a team to support some of their roles or works in solo to host and conduct the program.

    A facilitator is not necessarily a teacher or acts as the speaker of the hour. The roles of a facilitator includes at least in:

    • initiating an event
    • planning the meeting
    • developing the agenda and time frame
    • greeting participants and new members
    • conducting as a host in presenting or pointing participants to the educational resource
    • facilitating and managing the discussions
    • carrying out active listening to contributions from participants
    • keeps the groups focussed on the topic
    • developing and asking questions to encourage thoughts and participations
    • managing conflicting opinions and negative emotions constructively
    • building rapport and relationship with the participants

    Our facilitator process walks you through this entire process and will show you how to be a confident group leader.

    2024 Training Dates

    • 27 February 2024
    • 04 June 2024


    The ELIA Wellness Empowered and Purposeful Living Program has been carefully designed by experts in the field of Lifestyle Medicine to guide you on a journey of personal growth and transformation, enabling you to take your life to the next level. It touches gratitude, values, emotional intelligence, resilience, service & generosity, purpose & meaning, and hope & optimism.

    The program empowers you to strive for success and experience the joy and happiness that comes with accomplishing your goals and fulfilling your purpose in life.


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    Empowered and Purposeful Living Facilitator Training - Sydney


    4 June 2024






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