The World Day of Prayer movement was developed from a Christian women’s perspective as a creative response to issues of concern around the world.  Over the past 6 years, it is estimated that the World Day of Prayer service was translated into more than 90 languages and experienced by over 16 million participants in over 170 countries.

Adventist Women of the Greater Sydney Conference organised prayer events at 5 locations throughout the Greater Sydney area.  Over a 100 women and men gathered in those locations to join other groups around the world in prayer.  It was an amazing opportunity and privilege.

Every location was unique and creative in what they did but prayer remained the main focus.  Beryl Landers, Director of Adventist Women’s Ministries says, “Hats off to the coordinators and their teams for the effort in hosting the gatherings. A tremendous effort and great display of leadership, talent and creativity. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! It was lovely to have our men join in this beautiful experience. “

When asked for feedback, participants shared,

  • “The program was dynamic, many cultures mixed in the audience and meeting people from other churches was great.” 
  • “Music was very important in the part of the program, and it was uplifting an it gave me goosebumps”
  • “I was so blessed it was a brilliant success”
  • “Keynote speaker presentation was very practical and hands on.”
  • “It was a nice experience; I really enjoyed it”

It was a unique and powerful experience to be a part of a global prayer movement.

Central Zone - Woollahra Church

Central Zone – Woollahra Church







North Zone - @ The Chapel at The San

North Zone – The Chapel at The San







South West Zone - Fairfield Church

South West Zone – Fairfield Church







West Zone - Mt Druitt Church

West Zone – Mt Druitt Church







North West Zone - Parramatta

North West Zone – Parramatta