“You’re kidding! That church over there?”

“Yes, that’s the one. No, I’m not kidding! They go to church on Saturday. There’s no-one there for the rest of the week.”

“Saturday?! “Hmmm… That’s weird!”

“That’s what I used to think. But last October someone knocked on our door collecting for their charity. You know I am interested in that Uni course to work for the United Nations, so I asked what they do. Apparently they have this charity called ADRA, which is like the church’s agency for disaster relief, and it does some amazing stuff overseas in about 130 countries. Even here in Australia they have free community centres and lots of projects teaching English, feeding the poor and helping people find homes when they’ve got no-where to live.”


“They also sort out accommodation when people have to leave their homes during bush-fires or flooding and when farmers out west are committing suiciding after having to shoot their cows they give them lots of help and support.”

“Hmmm! Maybe not so weird after all.”

“I gave them ten bucks!”

ADRA strives to be there for those in need who have no place else to go. You too can help.

Your donation to the ADRA will go towards a person in need. Give today at www.adra.org.au/donate.

For more on the ADRA Appeal visit sydney.adventist.org.au/knocktober-adra-appeal-2.