The ‘Beyond the search’ evangelistic resources were showcased recently at the studios of Adventist Media Network (AMN) in Wahroonga, NSW. Present were Dr Ted Wilson, president, and Bob Lemon, treasurer, for the world church, as well as members of the South Pacific Division (SPD) executive committee.

Watch the ‘Beyond the search’ trailer here

Dr Wilson described Beyond as an “extraordinary leap into the future” and a “catchy”, “street-savvy approach”. “It focuses on the Word of God and does it in a very attractive and attracting manner,” he said.

Pastor Geoff Youlden presenting on a Beyond Series episode

Beyond the search consists of a 14 part feature documentary series, a 29 part TV talk show series, a book and Bible study series by Clifford Goldstein, a soundtrack music CD and a new version of the popular ‘Steps to Christ’ book entitled Step Beyond. The project involved a number of film industry heavyweights in the production, including director of photography Gordon Brown, the winner of five Emmy awards for his work on IMAX films; original score composer Michael Price, who has been nominated for Emmy and BAFTA awards; and the acclaimed London Metropolitan Orchestra.

The funds  for the project were provided by the General Conference. As a result all efforts have been made to ensure the price of the project makes it attractive for evangelism.

This topic was the most popular in the 1998 Search series, which Beyond: the search is designed to supersede. The audience response was enthusiastic. “I’m very, very excited,” said New Zealand Pacific Union Conference president, Pastor Jerry Matthews. “I think this is going to be the biggest thing that’s happened in Adventist media since HMS Richards launched into radio all those years ago.”

Dr Ted Wilson with South Pacific Division President Dr Barry Oliver at the launch.

“I don’t remember ever seeing something as good quality as this in the Christian media,” said Danijela Schubert, assistant to the SPD president. “It was clear, it was convicting and it made you think… I just can’t wait to share it with someone.”

Beyond the search will be launched to the public early next year. The screening at the AMN studios was timed to coincide with world church president, Dr Ted Wilson’s, visit to Australia.

Article by the Record