Rhea Anne Alminaza, Dan Alminaza, Jose Alminaza - Penrith Baptism Dec 2013

Rhea Anne, Dan, Jose together in baptismal font with Pastor David Blanch

Three years ago, a Penrith church member started a journey with the Alminaza family.  Little did they know that the journey would have an eternal destination.  As a means of ministry, this church member began delivering religious DVDs to the Alminaza’s home.  For a while, the family received them with interest, however, this arrangement came to a halt when the church member moved overseas.  Through arrangements within the church, the contact was picked-up and Joy Gale, a current member of Penrith Church, continued the visitations.

With providential timing, the new Beyond the Search DVD series was released so Joy started delivering them to the Alminaza Family each week.  The family thoroughly enjoyed the content on the Beyond the Search DVDs and eagerly looked forward to viewing them.  A few months later, Penrith Church held a Dinner Seminar with Geoff Youlden for the community.  Thinking this was a perfect opportunity, Joy prayerfully extended an invitation to the Alminaza Family to attend Geoff’s Dinner Seminar.  They accepted the invitation and then became regular guests at the series of Seminars throughout the year.

As the result of the Holy Spirit’s work through various church members, the DVDs and Geoff Youlden, members of the Alminaza Family, including Rhea Anne, Dan and Jose,  were recently baptised in December 2013 and now attend Penrith Church each Sabbath.  We rejoice in their decision to make Jesus Lord in their lives and welcome Jose, Dan and Rhea Anne Alminaza into our church family.

  • The Penrith Revealing Future Hope Dinner Seminar with Pr Geoff Youlden,
  • The Last Empire Seminars together with the followup
  • Secrets of Prophecy and
  • Try Jesus Programs conducted weekly in the Penrith Community by Pr David Blanch.

By Kerina Haora, Penrith Harvest Evangelism Leader