On 20 March 2015, a category 5 tropical cyclone named Pam struck Vanuatu and has devastated almost the entire country, with many homes, schools, churches and infrastructure being completely or partly destroyed.

This brief report documents the damage that they have experienced to churches, schools and clinics.  In addition to this, homes of hundreds of church members throughout the island of Vanuatu have also been destroyed.

God has been good in getting emergency support to Vanuatu through ADRA and other agencies, however, the devastation of Cyclone Pam will take years to recover from (it is perhaps the worst Cyclone ever in the Southern Hemisphere) and ADRA cannot help the church directly.

Pastor Nos Terry, President of the Vanuatu Mission, is very thankful for what the Church is doing to support Vanuatu.  As a church community, we are looking to help rebuild the church in Vanuatu.

Church report from the various Vanuatu islands affected:
1. Tanna – lost 17 churches,
2. Errommango – lost 6 churches
3. Futuna – lost 1 church
4. Aniwa – lost 1 church
5. Paama – lost 5 churches
6. South East Ambrym – lost 1 church
7. Efate – lost 12 churches
8. Tongoa – lost 4 churches
9. Emae – lost 1 church
10. Buniga –  lost 1  church
11. Epi – lost 4 churches



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Schools Report:
·         Kwataparen Junior secondary (boarding) school –  lost 95% of their buildings – (classrooms staff homes, boys dorms, ablution blocks, kitchen/dining hall)
·         Port Quime Junior secondary – lost 50% of their buildings. Classrooms, staff homes.
·         Maumau Primary school on Efate – lost 100% of their building.
·         Enikis Primay school – lost all their buildings
·         Leaur Primary school – lost all their buildings
·         Lowanata Primary – lost every thing
·         Entaniue Primary school – lost everything

·         20 of our pastors who lost their complete homes and personal belongings.

·         Estimated about 100 teachers have lost everything.

Then there are the church members …

Vanuatu Mission:
Obviously Tithes and Offering will reduce significantly, 80 – 90% of our church membership are subsistence farmers who operate on a cash crop economy. For many their whole livelihood is wiped out and so you can imagine some communities/congregation will struggle to rebuild their churches, let alone their homes.

We need funds for the rebuilding of the Churches in particular (the government should be able to help in rebuilding schools – the government is working on other priorities at the moment).
Groups who want to do Fly and Builds of churches will be appreciated.  (email: Nos Mailalong NMailalong {at} adventist.org.vu )

God is mobilizing people!
·         Pastors through the Ministerial Association at SPD and AUC are helping get pastors a Bible and library again.
·         Some in AUC Schools are looking at doing the same for teachers and schools.

How to Give
https://egiving.org.au (If nothing happens when you click on this, you may need to hold the CTRL key down and click on this again.)

Then select your church.

Then you will see Vanuatu Cyclone Pam Assistance listed in the options around the top of the screen. – click on this and donate.  (Donations will go directly to the rebuilding of churches and Vanuatu Mission needs.  These donations are not tax deductible – thanks for your generous support).

Blessings – God’s people will help others recover!

Compiled from e-mails and reports from Glen Townend, President of Trans Pacific Union Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church & a Report from Pastor Nos Terry, President of the Vanuatu Mission