“We want to affirm our women in ministry,” said Pastor Glenn Townend, incoming president of the South Pacific Division, at a Friday morning meeting of the SPD delegates at the 60th General Conference Session.

“We also need to think about how to move forward. This includes how we speak to those who don’t understand the diverse cultures comprising our world church.”

“I am fully in support of women in ministry,” continued Pastor Townend. “And from my understanding from Scripture and the writings of Ellen White, there is no reason they should not be ordained. We don’t all agree and I respect that, too. Every time the church has addressed this issue, it is getting closer to yes. I’m disappointed. And I know some people are really disappointed.”

Pastor Townend then initiated a prayer session to support all women in pastoral ministry, women ministry more broadly, and women feeling the call to ministry.  The delegates gathered into five groups and prayed for God’s blessing, His leading and His healing.

“I feel really good now,” said Pastor Townend after the session of prayer. “Because we’ve been in the presence of our God. And there is such a spirit of unity. I hope this support will be communicated to all our women in ministry, not just those here in San Antonio.”

Written by James Standish.  Published on Record.net.  Featured Image at top of page by Jarrod Stackelroth. Accessible at http://record.net.au/items/south-pacific-affirms-women-in-ministry