The Adventist Schools of Greater Sydney have been very busy this week, welcoming students back for a new year of learning, growth and fun. The teachers have prepared their classrooms, lessons and voices to provide their students with a range of learning experiences. Parents have gathered books, stationery, uniforms and lunches so that their children have what they need to participate. And the students….well, hopefully they’ve been counting down the days until they can sit at their desks and soak up the knowledge and information they’re going to learn this year – at least, that’s what our newest Kindy kids have been doing!

This week in Sydney, more than 200 new Kindergarten students started school – and a whole new way of life! – at an Adventist school. Most of them have been thrilled at the idea of putting on their uniforms, shouldering their new backpacks and joining the ‘big’ kids on the oval. Parents have shed a tear (or two!) as they’ve realised their precious little one is really becoming an individual and entering the world on their own. What an exciting, bittersweet and thrilling time!

In fact, the start of a new school year is usually very exciting and fun for all our students, whether they’re returning for another year or entering the classroom for the first time. We welcome all of our students to another stimulating year of Adventist education!

Across Sydney, the Seventh-day Adventist Church operates six schools, with almost 2000 students from Prep to Year 12. Across Australia, the church administers 58 schools catering for more than 12,000 students. Worldwide, the church operates 5,846 schools with a total enrolment of over 1 million students. This network of experience and care enables us to provide your child with education of the highest quality in an ideal environment for them to learn and grow academically, and as a person.

Whatever the beginning of the new school year holds for you and your family, we pray that it is a time of growth, encouragement and fun. Students attending an Adventist school receive a quality education and the personal attention that makes our schools special. We thank you for your ongoing prayers for our students, teachers and staff. You can discover more about the Adventist Schools in Sydney here <>.

Candice Jaques – Marketing Manager – Sydney Adventist Schools