SAN HOSPITAL MEMO                                            From Brett Goods, Acting CEO AHCL

The Food Services Team at the Sydney Adventist Hospital have been working on including more whole foods and nourishing food choices in our food outlets. Our commitment to ‘More Care’ for our staff and customers involves offering more whole-food options and less sugary drinks. These changes compliment our mission for wellness.

By 5 March 2018 we will no longer be selling sugary softdrinks in the SanCafé, SanSnax and the range of onsite vending machines. This decision is in line with current NSW Health ‘Healthy Food and Drink in NSW Health Facilities for Staff and Visitors Framework’. We hope you will enjoy our range of drinks including dairy and nondairy milks, juices, mineral water and water.

Hospital Food Services Focuses on Environment

In response to our customer feedback, incorporating our new branding and recognising our environmental impact, we are also reducing our packaging usage by offering re-usable ‘KeepCups’ for hot beverages. KeepCups are available for purchase in the SanCafé and SanSnax and staff will be entitled to a free hot beverage with each cup purchase and a future discount on their hot beverage when using their KeepCup with every order after this.

In addition to our environmental focus the SanCafé are also moving to biodegradable packaging for our selfservice packaging options. Our range of packaging and take-away cutlery can be recycled and is biodegradable.

Throughout 2018 we hope to have some additional products and menu items, new branding, improved customer communication regarding specials and promotions.

We would really like to gather some feedback from our staff and customers about some of your favourite healthy, plant-based menu items. Please feel free to email the hospital’s Food Services team on [email protected] with your ideas. Alternatively, write a response and post it in the survey box provided at the Level 4 Corridor entrance to the SanCafé.  /