Pendle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church was blessed by Suzanne (Greater Sydney Conference Safe Places Coordinator) on Sabbath 4 July 2015.

Suzanne shared a powerful message with us during church, speaking the Word and encouraging us to be thankful for one another, not to take each other for granted but most importantly not to keep our compliments to ourselves. She brought to light the importance of sharing kind words with each other to build one another up and create a loving church community. 

Suzanne later ran an afternoon session about the safety of children within the church context that was both eye-opening and encouraging to the community, teaching us the importance and the impact the safety of our children has on both them and us as individuals. She taught us how we can prevent unsafe things from happening and how to combat them if they do unfortunately occur. We look forward to the next time we will be able to spend the Sabbath with her.

If you would like any information on ‘protective behaviours’ and keeping your children safe, please contact her directly at [email protected].

Contributed by Hope Chomczynski.