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Thank you to everyone who recently took part in our Church Member Consultations to discuss the potential redevelopment of the Conference office in order to better fund our mission. For those who were not able to attend, this brochure is designed to capture the discussions.

By way of background, the Minister for Planning approved rezoning of the Epping Town Centre in March 2014 – declaring the centre an ‘activation precinct’ and increasing the allowed density to encourage population and job growth. 2-4 Cambridge Street is within this new precinct, and the rezoning offers a window of opportunity.

At the August 2014 Constituency Meeting, constituents were informed about the positive impact this has on the potential value of our site. The meeting authorised the Executive Committee to explore our options more fully. This has been achieved with the assistance of a development advisor.


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There are four options which arise from two key questions – do we wish to have our own land redeveloped as a standalone site or partner with our neighbours in the redevelopment, and do we ultimately want to stay at that location or move.

The chart inside this handout maps the options, the reasons for and against each one, and of course, the risks involved.

Why are we looking at these options? The answer is simple – the surplus realised on the redevelopment of the office will be used to benefit the ministry of local churches in Greater Sydney. This will be achieved by carefully investing the surplus to create a permanent and growing income stream.

Our initial thinking is that we could enhance the ministry of the local church through additional pastoral support, additional church plant seed funding, and additional funds for new evangelistic initiatives.

But the important thing is to work out our strategy now. Market conditions are strong for development and we have a window in which we can maximise our returns.

Thank you for sharing our passion to enhance our mission – please contact Eva Ing at EvaIng{at} with any additional questions.  Click here to read the full brochure.

Learn more about the Special Constituency Meeting scheduled for 10 August.