The role of the State Prison Chaplain is to provide support, nurture and help to Adventist inmates.  Chaplains conduct Bible studies and make visits within the Greater Sydney area. Chaplains aren’t the only one’s who can do something.

There are around 1300 men in need of spiritual support and guidance at Long Bay Correctional Complex, one of the biggest and oldest prisons in NSW. The inmates hail from different walks in life, cultural and educational backgrounds, social and economic statuses and age groups, and from different faith traditions and religious organisations.


If you think the Lord might be calling you to participate in this ministry, then this is the opportunity to become a Spiritual Mentor.

     As a Spiritual Mentor you will be able to:

         Provide an ongoing spiritual support to inmates

         Give inmates an opportunity to be listened

         Offer inmates an opportunity to be reminded as human beings and children of God

         Connect inmates to a Christian community in order to find support upon realise

         Facilitate the continuation of inmates spiritual  grow outside jail

         Support inmates in their attempt to pursue their Christian values and faith.  Exciting!!! Right?

Meditate and pray about it. Our compassionate father could be inviting you ‘to hear the groans of the prisoners and to set free those who are doomed to die’ (Psalm 102:20). 


For more information about this ministry, please contact Wellington on 0430 918 287 or at [email protected].

Long Bay Correctional Complex is located 14km south of Sydney’s central business district. The complex houses the:

For more information on the complex, please phone (02) 8304 2000 or visit the correctional centre online here. (