Pr Adrian Raethel has been elected as president of our NNSW Conference yesterday during their Constituency session. 

We wish Adrian and Laurel, God’s blessings, His leading and wisdom as they take on the responsibilities.  May the Lord give them listening ears, compassionate hearts and a strong spiritual connection as Adrian navigates the waters of our sister conference.  They will take on the role immediately from this coming Tuesday or Wednesday as NNSW has been without a president for some time.

I want to personally thank Adrian for being a friend, colleague and confidant in the 27 months of working together.  He and Eva made our transition such a smooth one and my family will always remember that.  Adrian, you’re a good, spiritual man and NNSW are blessed to have you and we’re saddened in losing you, my brother!  Thank you for the years of devoted service that you’ve given to Greater Sydney.  You leave having enriched us and you will be missed.

What does the decision of NNSW mean for us here in Sydney?

  • The search for a General Secretary begins, with an appointments committee which will be in mid-October after Eve Ing’s return from annual leave.  You may have someone you’d like to recommend, feel free to do that via email to [email protected].  See Call of Interest and GS Job Description documents on this page.
  • Between now and the appointments committee, the conference will run mostly normally.  However, with Eva on annual leave and Adrian leaving, there will be some hiccups.  Please be patient with us through this time and on behalf of our team, I thank you in advance.
    “For I know the plans I have for you…plans to prosper you.”  Those famous words from Scripture give us sure comfort for Adrian and his family and for us as we and they begin a new chapter in our conference history.
    May the Lord continue to bless us as we seek to do His good and perfect will.

Terry Johnson, GSC President