Four hundred Pathfinders and staff from 23 clubs participated in the Greater Sydney Conference Pathfinder Expedition over the weekend of September 20-22. The weather was perfect in the beautiful Marramarra National Park, well known for its spring flowers and early Aboriginal and European history.

Sabbath was a time of reflection with our chaplain Pr Richie Reid, who spoke of the great treasure hunt of finding of Jesus in the Bible. The Friday evening Vespers was held on the owner’s property. On Sabbath afternoon each of the 53 groups searched for their ‘Faith Warrior’ by collecting clue cards scattered around the park. Smart phone technology was used to help groups keep contact with HQ. The information from radio contact and SMS messages meant that the Communication Team under the leadership of Robin Tapping could accurately keep track (on a large table top map) of all of the groups.

Pastor John Wells, the expedition director, said, “We had a great staff who all carried out their roles in a very professional manner. Nothing was too difficult for them. It was great to see the Pathfinders succeeding and having a great time. This resulted in an event where memories were made, navigational skills were developed and, in the words of one group, ‘we were just having fun’.”