NSW – With Your Help Slavery Can End!

The deprivation of someone’s liberty is a serious injustice. Conservative estimates reveal 40 million human beings are trapped in an exploitative supply chain in the world today.

But your signature can help to defeat the tragedy of modern slavery – Print off the petition and sign today!

Why now? I hear you ask.

Recently the Hon. Paul Green MLC for NSW and member of the Christian Democratic Party introduced a bill into the upper house of New South Wales Parliament to directly tackle the slavery supply chain.

The Modern Slavery Bill 2018 (NSW) addresses the findings and recommendations of a parliamentary inquiry into human trafficking.

Human Trafficking is an abhorrent form of modern slavery. It is a transnational crime that preys on the most vulnerable.

Human trafficking includes slavery and slavery like practices such as servitude, forced labour, debt bondage, organ trafficking, deceptive recruiting as well as forced marriage and childhood brides.

I am asking you to join me supporting this bill by gathering signatures on a petition.

This petition calls on the House to support the introduction and passage of the Modern Slavery Bill 2018.

Our initial target is 10,000 signatures.  We will reach this goal if we join in gathering signatures from our church, family, friends, and neighbours. It is time to take a stand against Modern Slavery!

Important Information:

  • Signatures must be collected on single sided pages only. The petition pages must not be photocopied back to back.
  • Only original petitions, not copies, can be tabled in the Legislative Council.  Please post your petitions to me at the address below. Do not send by email or facsimile.
  • Individuals collecting signatures can keep a copy for themselves, but the originals must be mailed to ACL by April 30.

Print off the petition here and share among your friends and families >>

Post completed petitions to:

Mr Kieren Jackson
Australian Christian Lobby
Level 12, 95 Pitt St
NSW 2000

Further resources on modern slavery and human trafficking: