eGIVING already allows the convenience of online once-off and scheduled donations. The Offering Of The Week new feature displays this week’s offering(s) to users, according to the offering calendar and relevant to their selected local church/entity.


The purpose of this feature is to

  • make it easier for users to find the scheduled offering, each Sabbath
  • make it easier for users to create a scheduled offering that donates to the Offering Of The Week, where this offering may change weekly according to the offering calendar.

How it works

Offering Of The Week takes the calendar information from the GC downwards, and displays the scheduled offerings appropriate to the church (or entity) that the eGIVING user has selected. So, an eGIVING user selecting a local church from Greater Sydney conference would see GC & SPD & AUC & GSC offerings; while an eGIVING user selecting a local church from NNZ conference would see the weekly offerings (as per the calendar) for GC & SPD & NZPUC & NNZ offerings.

There are two offerings of the week that can be scheduled:

  1. Church Offering of the Week – collected during church service
  2. Sabbath School Offering Of The Week – changes between ‘weeks 1-12 Sabbath offerings’, and ‘13th Sabbath special offering’

What Offering Of The Week looks like – mobile app, and website

When does the Offering Of The Week change

 Each Tuesday (very early morning, AEST), Offering Of The Week account(s) displayed will change from last Sabbath’s offerings to the coming Sabbath’s offerings. The intention is that Tuesday changeover should provide sufficient time for eGIVING users to give to last Sabbath’s offering, and for conferences/unions to have from Tuesday to Friday to arrange for a change to the calendar in the event of an unexpected scenario.

Which accounts will be used

 Two new accounts have been created to be used with this feature. These two accounts will also be available permanently on the offering list (click ‘Show Other Offerings’ or type the offering name in the Search bar).

  1. We are creating a global account that can be used, called “Local Church Budget used with offering of the week”
  2. There is a second global account that can be used, called “Education offering”. Funds received for this offering flow from the local church to it’s conference, conference retains 100%. This account will be saved in the calendar, so when a conference schedules an Education offering for a particular week, this global account will be the one used in eGIVING.


  • eGIVING users still have the option to select accounts other than those initially displayed as Offering Of The Week; users may click/tap the Show Other Offerings button, then the full list of eGIVING enabled accounts relevant to their selected church/entity is displayed.
  • The ‘Is Featured Offering’ option remains active, each entity (from local church up to GC) may select one featured offering, this will display together with the Offering Of The Week account(s).

Please share this with your local church treasurers.