Meet Abigail Figueroa 



Where are you from?  Where do you call home?

Despite living in Sydney for years now and a stint in Michigan, USA (whilst studying at Andrews University), Melbourne (where I was born and raised), is still home… though my absolutely wonderful and loving Light Hope SDA church family quickly became my home away from home.

What are you looking forward to in your new role?

We are passionate about bringing Light and Hope to all in Jesus Christ! We plan to do this through running various community programs (Depression Recovery, Marriage Enrichment, Small Groups etc). I’m especially excited about our Hope Culture Evening coming up on Saturday 22 August where we will celebrate our unity in diversity- the way Christ intended.

Tell us a little bit about your testimony.

I love Jesus and even though I only know a small, SMALL percentage of all there is to know of His awesomeness, I must share what I know of Him, because He is AMAZING!!!

What hobbies/activities do you enjoy?

Paintball, beach, go-karting, painting, exploring national parks… anything with my friends.

Do you have family here?

Whilst my family are all in Melbourne, I thank God for my beautiful, caring church family at Light Hope who constantly lavish their Christ-like love onto me!!!