ADRA Opportunity for two pastors to attend Masterclass on Building a Church of Passionate Believers – Feb 20-22
ADRA Australia has a vision for a church making a difference. As a part of our efforts to make that vision a reality in Australia we have set ourselves a goal of helping churches and their members across Australia to engage with their communities through meaningful service.
We see this as a goal shared by the broader Seventh-day Adventist church in Australia of which ADRA is a part. By working effectively together through Jesus’ model of ministry we have the opportunity to leverage the strengths and specialist capacities of ADRA to further the mission of the church while making a positive difference in the lives of people in meaningful ways.
So what does engagement of the community through meaningful service mean in the context of the local church? How can pastors most effectively inspire and lead our church members in service initiatives? How do we balance unconditional acts of love and service with a mission to bring people into a relationship with Jesus? All of these are important questions that must be answered if we are to be effective.
ADRA Australia would like to extend an invitation to your conference to send two delegates to a special Masterclass on Building a Church of Passionate Believers. Our mentor for this event will be Dr. David Jamieson, an Adventist pastor and thought leader from Canada with unparalleled theoretical and practical expertise in this topic. David has generously agreed to share his deep knowledge and passion for inspiring and engaging churches in community service with a select group over two days of spiritual reflection and learning. The event will be held at the Adventist Alpine Village in Jindabyne from February 20 – 22, 2017.
We invite you to nominate up to two individuals from your Conference who already have a passion for engaging church members in service to the community and who have the ability to train and influence other church pastors by sharing the learning and inspiration they will gain from participating in the masterclass. Please note that in addition to the two people you nominate we will extend an invitation to Rebecca as your Conference ADRA Director.
To reserve your places please contact Alison Young at ADRA Australia ([email protected]) with the names and contact details of up to two participants. ADRA Australia will cover travel costs to and from the event as well as all food and accommodation costs during the event.