Parramatta Church recently held a preaching and small group series called ‘Life in Balance’.

Organised by pastoral team Jean-Pierre Martinez and David McKibben, the ‘Mind in Balance’ seminar series was presented for the first time in May 2015 as a church and community outreach.

Mrs Claire Marsh (Psychologist and Manager of Adventist Counselling Services) and Mr Paul Bogacs (Counsellor and Lecturer at Avondale College) shared interactive workshop-style seminars on how to understand the effect of depression and anxiety and practical ways to help ourselves and others. The seminar aimed to equip participants with skills and resources. About 70 attended from both the church and local community.

If you are interested in having the ‘Mind in Balance’ series presented in your church or community, please contact Mrs Claire Marsh via email [email protected] or call the Adventist Counselling Services on (02) 8876 5238.